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How to clean silicone bracelet?

Author:    Date:2018-08-01 12:18:09    Visits:
How to clean silicone bracelet?

As with most things, silicone bracelet will become old and dirty after a long time. So how do we maintain and clean silicone bracelet in our daily life? Here are a few small ways to help you.
1, Water: Silicone bracelet dirty, the most simple and effective way is to rinse with water;

2, Wet Towel: if silicone wrist strap is not very dirty, you can take a clean cloth wet, and then wring dry drying or blow dry, and then use cloth to clean the surface of silicone wrist band can be;

3, Toothpaste: If silicone bracelet accidentally stained with stains or grease, you can use a moist soft brush toothbrush dipped in toothpaste to scrub, and then rinse with water, and then use napkins or soft cloth to dry;

4, Eraser: if silicone wrist with sticky rubber marks, can be wiped with eraser scratches, and then with a small cotton swab balm rub in the plastic scar about a minute or so, and then gently wipe with cotton swab can remove the plastic marks;

5, Bath dew, laundry liquid: the liquid to wipe the need to clean the position, the full friction after the flush with water can be.

Remember: (Although the following methods can also achieve the effect of cleaning silicone bracelet, but they may remain on the surface of silica gel, please try to use less)
1, soap: With a little finger of water and soap, gently rub the stain, and then wipe dry with a clean cloth can be;

2, alcohol: With a swab of alcohol gently wipe the silicone wrist strap, and then clean the soft cloth wipe;

3, Detergent essence: Wash the dishes with the detergent gently rub the silicone bracelet, and then clean or dry with water can be.

(For the same reason, life's common soap, soap, dishwashing soap, disinfection of hand sanitizer, clean wipes or household cleaners and other things, also do not recommend too much to clean silicone wrist strap)
After cleaning the silicone bracelet, as far as possible in the cool ventilated place to dry or blow dry, to ensure that the surface residual moisture volatile clean, keep silicone bracelet clean and comfortable.
The maintenance method of silicone bracelet
1, remember not to bask in the sun;

2, remember not to frequent cleaning;