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what function does silicone bracelet have?

Author:    Date:2018-11-07 16:12:25    Visits:
The role of silicone bracelet, in addition to birthday, advertising promotions, anniversary celebrations, public relations planning, trade fairs, festivals, employee benefits, housewarming, opening ceremony, Tourism Memorial, award memorial, wedding, business gifts and creative small gifts have those roles.

Silicone bracelet what role?

siliconesilicone wristband

1. To prevent the flow of sweat into the hands of players caused by the phenomenon of sliding ball.

Because of its high-grade environmentally-friendly silicone made, can effectively absorb the sweat from the human body, to prevent the sweat flow to the player's hand caused by the phenomenon of sliding ball.

2. In order to facilitate the identification of teams.

Street basketball in the United States is popular, do not know the ball friends (Americans tend to play the street ball alone, so the jerseys may be different when the game.) In order to carry out some means of coordination in the game (many for the air relay), often to reach for the ball, and their identification of the team mate is the wrist band color.

Why the street ball Ace's pocket often has 4~5 a different color wrist strap, is to facilitate the team!!

3. In order to convey the wearer's beliefs

In today's society, people have more speech rights, and the way to express their thoughts and beliefs is varied. Because of the silicone wrist strap DIY is very flexible, can be based on the requirements of people want to express their own logo to the wrist band, so as to reach the wrist band to convey the role of faith. For example: Exo silicone Hand ring is Exo fans to express is Exo fans and support.

4. Trendy Decorations

Silicone hand Ring color colorful, can be based on their preferences to choose their favorite color and style. Wear on the later match with their own clothing can play a good decorative embellishment. Catch the fashion of the Riders people essential products.

Silicone hand ring process, different logo, color matching can form different effects.