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How do you get the zipper pulls you need?

Author:    Date:2018-08-01 12:03:49    Visits:
How do you get the zipper pulls you need?
We're going to buy a zipper puller for ourselves. Do you need to know the type of puller film first? What are their materials? Is not suitable for our zipper.
First we need to know the knowledge of zipper pullers:

Puller: Pull piece (puller) is an important component of the slider, besides function, have very strong adornment, many silders are still the carrier of brand. It can be designed into a variety of geometrical shapes with the silder body connection or through the middle connecting parts with the silder body to achieve zipper opening and closing.
Zipper plate also known as puller, zipper plate, pull trip and pull plate, mainly used in shoes, clothing, bags, equivalent zipper silder supporting the use of general can be made zinc alloy, copper, iron, plastic, PVC, PU, TPU and other materials to meet different needs, the surface can be electroplating different colors and laser, silk screen, epoxy, injection molding, sewing etc.Styles can be produced in different patterns (including flowers, birds, fish, worms, animals and other beautiful patterns), letters, a variety of shapes and other styles, according to the size of the type of silder to make rotational type, bending type .

Zipper of novel style, different shapes and so on! Then let's see the puller. There are several common types of styles: