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Zipper Trends for 2016

Author:    Date:2018-08-01 12:14:08    Visits:
 Over the past 26 years, we’ve seen fashion trends come and go, then come back around. It’
s been interesting to see how zippers have been trending as well. In some instances, a 
designer wants nothing of the zipper to be seen. “Make it INVISIBLE!” Then in other 
designs, the zipper is front and center (or back center for women’s dresses) for everyone 
to see.  With that, we’d like to share some of our insight as to what we see as zipper 
trends coming for 2016.
Any time a trend swings too far one way, the natural reaction by the market is to go the 
other. For the past 3-5 years, we’ve seen highly polished, bright, shiny zippers move like 
hot cakes. The market was demanding the high end zippers to complete the designers’ 
fashion piece. Late in 2015 and into 2016, we see more and more designers are moving away 
from the bright, highly polished look, to more matte and antique finishes. To keep the 
luxury feel, designers have continued with the high end zippers, but have requested the 
finishes of the teeth to be toned down.
Truly, the devil is in the details. Especially when it comes to the zipper teeth. One 
zipper tooth measures only in the millimeters, however when they are joined together, it 
makes a strong impact. Enter the multi colored zipper teeth. This trend has been on the 
fringes for a while, but we’re seeing a swath of interest and orders for it. Why is it so 
special? Well the manufacturing of the zipper is literally made one tooth at a time. One by 
one, a pre-formed zipper tooth is attached to the tape in a bit of a random pattern. This 
makes each yard of zipper chain completely unique. A zipper this special, paired with a 
one-of-a-kind apparel or handbag piece is a show stopper.
This isn’t your “cut at the knee” sweat pants here. The athleisure segment has boomed 
and more and more brands are creating “high end” gym clothes. Even if you’re not going 
to the gym, or don’t workout at all for that matter, these apparel pieces are what 
designers are creating. We’re seeing a big move of reverse coil zippers (IIZ is what we 
call them) that are being applied as a contrast color to the body fabric. Why reverse coil? 
Most designers like the flat look and it keeps the lines very clean on the garment. Here 
are some examples:
Black leggings with a pop of color at the ankles to zip the ankle cuff closed
Heather gray hooded jacket with a center front zipper that is a contrasting color
Sports bras with a contrast color zipper on the center front
Plastic molded zippers are a staple in the zipper industry. They’ve been around for 
decades. We’ve noticed that designers have been taking a bit of a twist with plastic 
molded zippers. As of the end of last year, two-tone plastic molded has been taking off. 
This is where the tape is one color and the teeth have been injected with a contrast color. 
It’s a great way to add some color pop and give the final piece a more sporty look.
These trends usually get picked up by the mainstream in a year or two. In the mean time, 
the designers that are currently incorporating these trends enjoy 1st to market benefits 
for a short time. If you’re seeing other trends, we’d love to hear. Comment below.