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The History of the Zipper

Author:    Date:2018-08-01 12:05:22    Visits:
 Zipper was born to change the course of fashion history. Checking the Fashion Week in 2009,Victoria Beckham’s bodycon dress with exposed back zipper was the toast of the town. The metal dress zippers details make the dress even more sexier than ever.The name “zipper” began to be popular until the late 1930s when the invention caught on. The zip makes the sewing can be more flexible and make it possible to expose the hidden part.
Still, in 2009, another dress was also kicked off the whole spring and summer. The dress is a recycled zipper dress. The dress was eco-friendly which made of natural hemp and silk blend,in recycled metal dress zippers and surplus remnants 
And until 1851,when Elias Howe applied for a patent for his invention of zipper, closures were still prior to the zipper when it applied to laces and buttons. Since there are some design flaws as well as the sewing machine, he did not have any intention to market the product zipper. And in 1914, Gideon Sundback doubled the teeth of the zipper on the basic of Howe’s version, that is how the “separable fastener” created. Sunback’s improved version zipper was called” hookless hooker”. And in 1923, it finally got its familiar name when B. F. Goodrich Company wanted to improve on the standard was officially released as “ zipper boot”.
Every old thing makes a new thing born. In 1935,Elsa Schiaparelli created the very first dress with visible zippers. This Schiaparelli dress incorporates a decorative plastic zipper placed diagonally on the front of the skirt.this is the first time when the zipper was applied to the clothes.
Many person may have the doubt that why YYX are stamped on zipper?The YYX stands for Yi Yi Xing in Chinese. This is a Chinese zipper company which was founded by Mr Hou in 1990. YYX remains the China’s foremost zipper manufacturer, making about 60% of all zippers in over 206 facilities in 52 countries. Their largest factory in Shenzhen makes a large amount of zippers per day.
Thanks to the innovations and all the manufactures all over the world, the zipper has become a part of all of our lives and plays an important part on fashion industry. Metal dress zippers make the dress more fabulous and Zipper makes the world even more  beautiful.