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120 zipper = Variety skirt

Author:    Date:2018-09-29 11:43:26    Visits:
120 zipper = Variety skirt
Recently, the United States introduced a magical "zipper skirt," by pulling or zipper, can change a variety of shapes, a skirt "hundred" wear. Zippered skirt with 120 independent zippers, each zipper can be partially or fully opened. Skirt opening and closing through the zipper to add or remove clothing, can change more than 100 kinds of styles. People can adjust zipper skirt collar, skirt length and sleeve length. Variety zipper skirt is not Langdefang name, if the skirt opened from the middle, remove part of the fabric, that is, by the Bra and mini skirt composed of two sets. If only part of the zipper opened a few, revealing the skin or shirt, you can create more styling. Zipper dress designer Sebastian Erasureris said in an interview with The Telegraph on the 17th: "The zipper dress can be turned into a dinner dress, a T-shirt, a miniskirt or even a belt." The stylist Michelle Clare suggested: "If you do not want to reveal the entire waist, open a small zipper, will not be exposed too much. If you do not have confidence in the front, then reveal the entire back. How long you want to how long, Just short.